Around Wolfsee lake, a reservoir pond in a magnificent location in Fiss, a walking and relaxation trail for the whole family was created. The circular hiking trail leads you through gently hilly landscape and is a feast for the eyes. The trail features a mix of broad-leaved forests, larch forests and colourful pastures. Admire the diverse flora and let your eyes wander over the impressive mountain peaks reflecting on the crystal clear water of the lake. The whole trail is suitable for buggies and safely accessible for wheelchair users. Our beach volleyball court offers the ideal opportunity for all beach volleyball enthusiasts to duel in matches or to simply have fun with the family. You can find various small relaxation spots to recharge your batteries and even hire a sun umbrella. Just insert €1 or 50 cents and collect the sun umbrella.

Note: On the right side of the lake, there’s a play area for the little ones. Dogs are not allowed there! The Wolfsee lake is NOT a bathing lake.


Wolfsee Fiss
6533 Fiss