Gold Cache Högsee (Geocaching)

The Gold Cache leads treasure hunters to the Högsee lake reservoir. According to legend, this cache was formed during a violent storm in the mountains. The storm not only washed away the hut of Johannes the dairyman, but also carried off a milk churn. This was the churn in which Johannes had been saving his money. Hit by lightning, the milk churn flew through the air and the hard-earned gold coins were scattered in all directions. When the storm was over, Johannes the dairyman and his dog Bari set out to search for the gold coins... Today, bold holiday pirates set out from the Högsee lake landing stage in a pedalo equipped with an underwater telescope to look for the lost coins.


Tourismusverband Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis
Gänsackerweg 2
6534 Serfaus