Elektro Technik Plangger

Our activities are: installation, equipment and electronics sale, equipment service, monitoring systems, network cabling, fire detection systems, music systems, automation, configuration, etc.

The company Elektrotechnik Plangger GmbH is therefore active in all areas of electrical engineering, and as you can see in our extensive list of references with great success!

The company was founded in spring 1996 in the parental garage and started with 3 employees at the time. Soon the number of employees had to be increased due to a constantly growing order situation and a company building had to be erected only a little later. Then in spring 2007 we moved to the Fisserparkgarage, where we got new space resources and thus also new possibilities. With professionalism in the future!

In the new company building we built a large warehouse, showrooms where we show you the latest technology, a fully equipped electronic workshop, a modern service workshop, various office spaces like for example a design office where your new constructions or conversions are precisely documented and stored electronically.


Plangger, Elektro Technik
Fisser Straße 1
6533 Fiss